Best Green Juice EVER!

2 green apples (optional)

1 inch knob ginger

6 large stalks celery

1 cucumber

1 bunch of parsley

1 bunch of kale

1/2 lemon (with peel, if organic)

*use only organic ingredients


This green juice is loaded with nutrients like Beta-carotene, folic acid, vitamin B3, iron, vitamin K, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium that help minimize joint swelling, strengthens bones and ligaments, stabilize blood sugar, and improves bone density! Amounts may vary depending on the freshness, ripeness and water content of the vegetables.

Taste and adjust your ingredients to your liking.


Tips for success:

  • Store juice in glass jars with rubber seal (mason jar). Fill jar as full as possible, as extra air trapped in the bottle destroys enzymes and nutrients.
  • The highest nutritional value is within the first 45 minutes after making the juice. This is not always feasible; however, do not make your juice the night before. At minimum, make your juice each morning.
  • Buy only enough vegetables for a week’s worth of juices.
  • Buy green stay fresh bags for vegetables. Portion the vegetables out according to the number of juices you will make.
  • Pack green veggies only NOT including cucumbers. Cucumbers, lemons, apples, and ginger are prepared at time of juicing.