Lose Connection, Get Connected.

“No Wifi in the forest but you will find better connection”

I came upon this quote the other day and it had me thinking…

Not only are we always on our phones, texting, emailing, talking or surfing around social media, but when we are so focused on our phones we are disconnected from the very moment happening behind the screen! Think about the last time you lost connection, maybe you were camping or your phone died or you left your phone at home, you’re not only forced to be in the moment off technology, but the moment becomes more valuable because we have to awareness to be more engaged. Time seems to disappear and you’re able to meet new people, notice things you’ve never noticed or actually get to relax and let your mind rest.

My call to action to you is to take a break from your phone today. Make a promise to yourself that you won’t go on social media AT ALL today and you’ll only use your phone when you absolutely NEED it…now don’t worry…it’s only a ONE day challenge.

I promise you can live to tell the story!