Coconut Cream Frosting / Whip Cream

This is a great recipe for dairy free, HEALTHY whip cream. I know the Holidays are right around the corner. Use for Whip Cream OR as a fluffy frosting alternative.


1 can of full fat ORGANIC coconut milk

Dash of vanilla extract

Stevia (to taste)

*Freeze glass mixing bowl for 4 hours



Freeze can of coconut milk over night or for 24 hours

(this process is done because the fat separates completely from the liquid. So after freezing when you open the can you will see the separation. SAVE the liquid for smoothies in your fridge)

Use the solidified fat from the coconut milk and place it in a frozen bowl

Start to whip (with hand held mixer) the solidified coconut milk, eventually it will become fluffy

This is the time to slowly add the vanilla and Stevia in


Serve immediately.