Changing from Victim to Victor in the Fight to Kill Cancer

There’s an overwhelming amount of evidence showing the lifestyle-cancer link. In fact, there is no un-linking the two.

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Lose Weight & Function at Your PRIME!

Nerves are like spark-plugs: They get your muscles to fire at their peak fat burning capacity… So the more your nerves activate, the more fat your burn… …however, if your nerves aren’t properly conditioned for exercise a metabolic debacle could soon follow as your thyroid shuts down.   3 Simple Questions Reveal How You’ll Feel When […]

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Not an Overnight Process

Bracing teeth takes time. Altering the position of hard structures (teeth) in soft tissue (gums) requires a good deal of remodeling and change in supportive structures that have become accustomed to the shape of your smile for so long. Correcting spinal shape takes time as well. Altering the position of vertebrae in soft connective tissue, […]

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