Exercise to Fight Depression and Increase Productivity

If you’re suffering from depression and want an all-natural remedy that’s actually good for your general health and can help you focus at work, skip the pills and try a dose of exercise. Learn more about how exercise works.

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10 Reasons Why Your Workout Might Not Be Working Out

A new year has just started, and if you’re one of the millions of people that has made a New Year’s resolution, chances are it has something to do with improving your health. But if the definition of health is inaccurate, focusing on it can be very difficult. When you enter “what is health” into […]

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Lose Weight & Function at Your PRIME!

Nerves are like spark-plugs: They get your muscles to fire at their peak fat burning capacity… So the more your nerves activate, the more fat your burn… …however, if your nerves aren’t properly conditioned for exercise a metabolic debacle could soon follow as your thyroid shuts down.   3 Simple Questions Reveal How You’ll Feel When […]

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