Our Miracles

Maximized Living believes that everybody who walks into our clinic deserves the full power of The 5 Essentials™. We have seen the results every day for people just like you who are committed to transforming their health. We will work with you to build your own story of Maximized Living success.

Out Of My Wheelchair In 2 Month

By Alecia J.
I started with the Maximized Living Program on June 13, 2010 after going to a Makeover on the 12th. I had spent the last 12 years of my life in a motorized wheelchair. I was 70-80 lbs. over weight. I was told years earlier not to go to a chiropractor because I would be wasting my money (I was born with Cerebral Palsy). So I pulled Dr. Osborne aside durring a break to discuss my concerns. During the conversation he told me that he was “making me his special project”… I could tell the difference after just the very first adjustment! I have been coming to see doc for 8 months now and he is adjusting parts of my body that I never knew would move because they were do tight, and have the pressure off of those joints is amazing! I was out of my chair within with in the first 2 months…two weeks after that I walked 1.5 miles! So far I have lost 44 lbs. That in itself is amazing… I feel great and am getting stronger every day!

Off My Medications

By Sally G.
I walked bent over – I thought my hip bones were going out. My neck hurt so bad that only intense massage could relieve it partially. I tried walking my usual 2 hour walks & could barely last 17 min. The pain was so bad! I had been in a bad car accident in 2005 but the chiropractor I went to didn’t even take x-rays, and it got worse. My sweet daughter refered me to Dr. Osborne & I am so glad! Through Dr. Osborne and his staff I have learned a new way to exercise and am able to get off medications that cost me so much money! Now I have been shown how to heal naturally! WHO-HA!

My Nerves Are Now Like Electric Wires

By Ron H.
Not since Hippocrates has anyone doctored as well as Dr. Osborne. Not since Vera Allen and Rosemary Clooney shared top billing in “White Christmas” have people been greeted and enterttained by lovelies such as Teresa and Megan. This chiropractic office is the tops! My nerves are now electric wires.My bones are sturdy as mighty Redwoods. I’m atleast a foot taller, and now I can play the violin. Come hither and be renewed.

LisaMarie H’s Testimony

lisamarie-h-testimonyBy LisaMarie H.
For 15 years I had an undiagnosed neurological disability. I had intense pain and inflammation in my neck, and frequent migranes. I struggled to understand what was going on around me, and to respond to it…working part time was challenging, as were daily tasks like cooking and cleaning.I couldn’t live on my own; it was a struggle just to survive…Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. All the tests came back “normal”. One doctor found medications that helped with brain function, but it only addressed the symptoms, and the condition kept getting worse. I’d given up hope. 9 months ago I was introduced to Maximized Living. After the first adjustment, the pain in my neck was less and I could think a little more clearly. I decided to apply all 5 essentials. After 3 months I could work 5 days a week for the first time in year and the migraines disappeared! After 5 months I was off more than half my medications. In 7 months I was driving again and functioning normally with day to day tasks! I am living the high-energy, people-filled life I’d only dreamed of before. I have my life back!

Janice E’s Testimony

janice-e-testimony-300x275By Janice E.
My name is Janice. I was diagnosed in 1996 with multiple sclerosis. It is a life changing disease. I was introduced to chiropractic care in early 2003. The doctor at that time was great. I was completely paralyzed. I could not hold a pen in my hand without dropping it and then I met Dr. O through Dr. Tim. Through their great care and positive reinforcement and positive thinking I am now walking with a walker and getting stronger each and every day. I thank god for allowing me to experience this miracle in my life. I thank the doctors as well as their staff. I no longer take any medications for my M.S. It’s been a blessing!

Instantly Relieved After Just 1 Adjustment

i-take-full-responsibility-300x91By Trevor C.
Ever since I was 12 I have suffered from mild to bad constant headaches. Our neighbor told us about Dr. Osborne and gave us a free coupon for a check up and a follow up visit. For a long time all of my headaches would interfere with even the simplest things I would do. Sometimes the headaches would be so bad they bordered on migranes. After just 1 adjustment I felt instantly relieved. It felt like my head was floating. After about 4 or 5 adjustments my headaches were gone and this constant pressure where my skull connects to my spine is gone. I even find myself losing a lot of weight. In the first 2 months I lost 15 lbs. without trying. I make healthier choices without even realizing it (mainly portion control). I have also grown about 2 inches since I began treatment!

I Feel Better Than I Thought Possible

By Steve L.
I started seeing Dr. Osborne in June of 2010. I was in a lot of pain and wasn’t ready to get help. My wife had starting seeing him in February of 2010 and always told me she felt so much better every time she was adjusted. I had cervical spine surgery in February of 2002 and didn’t know if I would be able to get adjustments in my neck, but I can tell you Dr. Osborne put me at ease & I haven’t felt this good in such a long time, better than I thought possible.Thanks to Dr. Osborne & his staff I tell anyone I meet about this office and if they want a better way of life they need to come & Check out Discover Chiropractic!

Donna H’s Testimony

donna-h-testimony-300x199By Donna H.
When going in to see Dr. Osborne I didn’t think I had any problems, although after a month I realized the pain in my left leg had gone away and the tension in my shoulder had reduced. I learned how to read and understand my personal x-rays and make better choices for myself and for my loved ones. I know more about eating the right foods and toxins that go into our bodies. My husband and four children are now also a part of the program plus more family and friends. Overall, I am so impressed with how well Dr. Osborne and staff care for our children, especially when they are injured due to sports. This means the world to me!!

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