Our Miracles

Maximized Living believes that everybody who walks into our clinic deserves the full power of The 5 Essentials™. We have seen the results every day for people just like you who are committed to transforming their health. We will work with you to build your own story of Maximized Living success.

Angela C’s Testimony

angela-c-testimoneyBy Angela C.
When I arrived here, I was suffering the debilitating effects of two whiplashes many years apart & Scoliosis for most of/all of my life. Hip & low back pain had grown so bad for me even just days before first coming here that I’d be in tears upon waking & getting out of bed. Hansen’s Rods were reccomended for me at 17; thankfully my parents said no, freeing me up in later life for the terrific care I’m privledged to receive in this office. Improvements for me are astounding! Walking and rising now vary between manageable to PAIN FREE! The range of motion in my neck is expanding. The “Collar of Pressure”, as I call it, occurs less often. And a happy byproduct of my adjustments has unexpectedly been weight loss, without even trying. At 53, I feel as if I’m getting younger! So instead of worrying about curtailing or stopping certain jobs & activities, as Dr. Osborne put it to me, “What can you start doing?”

Alicia J’s Testimony

alicia-j-testimony-263x300By Alicia J.
I started with the Maximized Living Program on June 13, 2010 after going to a Makeover on the 12th. I had spent the last 12 years of my life in a motorized wheelchair. I was 70-80 lbs. over weight. I was told years earlier not to go to a chiropractor because I would be wasting my money (I was born with Cerebral Palsy). So I pulled Dr. Osborne aside durring a break to discuss my concerns. During the conversation he told me that he was “making me his special project”… I could tell the difference after just the very first adjustment! I have been coming to see doc for 8 months now and he is adjusting parts of my body that I never knew would move because they were do tight, and have the pressure off of those joints is amazing! I was out of my chair within within the first 2 months…two weeks after that I walked 1.5 miles! So far I have lost 44 lbs.That in itself is amazing… I feel great and am getting stronger every day!

A View To Improvement

By Rosie H.

I’ve been coming to TJ for 12 years now. I origionally came to him based on a referral from a friend as I was working in San Jose. I thought I was coming for maintanance related to some very challenging back conditions. However TJ said “why can’t we improve on this?” When I said “It’s bones” he just said “They are held up by muscles.” I now live and work in San Mateo and travel over 45 minutes one way to come to see TJ because he is the ONLY chiropractor who has approached my back problems with a view to improvement! I refer anyone I know with any kind of back problems to him. PS – he’s also helped with other injuries related to my dancing.


Nicole used to suffer from headaches every day, but after six weeks of chiropractic treatment, she is now completely headache free and enjoying strong overall health as a result of a Maximized Living doctor’s care.


Instead of accepting that she would endure a lifetime of illness and pain, Anne began seeing a Maximized Living chiropractor and learned that how she could become her healthiest self.


After years of yo-yo weight left over from child birth, Krystal and her entire family is now healthier as a result of following the principles of Maximized Living.


Rachel had a myriad of issues, from chronic foot and hip pain to sleep deprivation, all which got significantly better or completely disappeared after coming to a Maximized Living chiropractor.


When Brenda’s doctor wanted to double her medication, she switched to chiropractic care and is now completely off her medication, and her serious health issues have all but disappeared.